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Service on Military Bases

As we shared in a previous post, service of process cannot take place on federal property. Service on military bases can be tricky. Individuals cannot be served straightforwardly on military bases. Unless service is authorized, there is no guarantee it will be successful.…

Social media evidence is actually a thing.

by: Johnelle Rodriguez If you’ve ever been called for jury duty, you know the process of selecting jury members is lengthy. First, you report to the general area with the members of the large jury pool. Then, you wait. And wait. After what…

We CANNOT serve on federal property.

As Bob Fischer, president of Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc., explains, any facility owned by the government, such as a courthouse, cannot have service take place there. It’s the law. This is something that is common knowledge among process servers and should…

Golf and Charity Work Go Hand in Hand

by: Nancy Fischer and Johnelle Rodriguez The Men of Good Shepherd Catholic Church (MOGS) hosted its 23rdAnnual MOGS Open Golf Tournament on May 14, 2018, in Tallahassee, FL. Once again, Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. was invited to participate as a sponsor.…

Service on Incompetent

by: Johnelle Rodriguez What comes to mind when you think of the word “incompetent?” According to, “incompetent” has some of the following definitions: – Lacking qualification or ability – Incapable – Being unable or legally unqualified to perform specified acts or to…

Risky Business

by: Johnelle Rodriguez It’s dangerous. Think about it. Imagine you’re home alone and someone you don’t know approaches your front door and starts to knock. The average person will either answer the door with caution or will ignore the knocks if he or…

It all starts in house.

When we think of serving documents, we think of the act of delivering papers to someone. And although this is essentially what service of process is, we tend to neglect what goes on behind the scenes. The players include attorneys, paralegals, process servers,…

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