Umeka Mott/Status Clerk and Service Representative

Umeka came to Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. late July 2019. She spent 18 years working for the Broward County Clerk of Courts in various positions and courthouses. For example, she assisted attorneys and the public, obtained files, was a data terminal operator, and finally moved up to becoming a Trial Specialist II, where she would assist in the courtroom and was also the judge’s assistant. For our company, she is one of the customer service representatives and sits at the front of the office, as clients come in. She always has a smile and is extremely polite. Anyone who enters our office can see her willingness and professionalism in helping them. Umeka is also learning the status clerk position, where she enters information from the process servers, regarding any problems encountered in the field, and she informs the clients. She is a fast learner, and we believe she will be mastering this task in no time. In addition, Umeka enters information from our originals into our database, and we have learned she is a stickler for being exact with the information, an asset we truly appreciate.

On her off time, Umeka enjoys spending time watching movies with her family and window shopping with her daughter. Umeka loves to cook and loves to try new recipes for her family, especially baking from scratch. She always includes that extra ingredient, love, into all her dishes, making her a hit at home.