Terri McClure/Assistant Manager and Send-Away Billing Administrator

Terri McClure began working at Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. in July of 2013. She started with us as a receptionist and customer service representative. She worked this position until she left us in May of 2015. Fortunately, for us, Terri came back to work for us in March of 2016. Her phone skills and customer service abilities earned her several “Thank you” letters from clients who expressed their appreciation of her professionalism and expertise in this industry.

For example, a client who was indecisive on whether to use us wrote, “I spoke with Terri regarding hiring you for serving the complaint and summons on the defendant…She was very friendly and an excellent representative for your company and therefore, I decided to go with you.” That was from Matthew R. McGuigan, Esq. Another example comes from Matt Benzion, Esq., who wrote, telling us, “…I wanted to reach out to you to give you a POSITIVE review of your company’s customer service…I speak to Terri regularly. Terri is great. She is extremely pleasant to speak with and is very professional. Specifically, today, she and one of your process servers did an excellent job coordinating the service of a subpoena for me. They made it very easy for me to get someone served before he was about to leave town today. Remarkably, Terri thanked ME for being easy to work with, and I felt COMPELLED to write you and tell you how great she is to work with and how superb her service to your clients is.” There are other similar letters in her file.

Because Terri excels in all she does, it was easy to make her assistant manager upon her return in March 2016. When our manager is out of the office, it is Terri who takes over the helm. Most recently, Terri was also promoted to Send-Away Billing Administrator. In this role, she oversees the affidavits and invoices that come in from other areas of Florida and all over the country. She then reviews them for accuracy and completes the process of billing out the job, ensuring the client receives affidavits and invoices in a timely manner.

Terri is originally from Gadsden, AL, where she earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in computer science technology from Gadsden State Community College. She moved to Florida in 2008 and is happily married and loves cats, especially her cat, Gunner. Being from Alabama, she is an avid fan of Auburn University’s football team. She actively follows their football season and tries to attend at least one game a year. Terri has a passion for other sports as well, such as soccer and pro football. She loves to play darts with her British husband in addition to playing on numerous teams throughout the years.

e-mail: sabilling@proprocessservers.com