Johnelle Rodriguez/Billing Specialist and Marketing & Communications Director

Johnelle Rodriguez began working at Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. in July of 2015. Everyone who is hired starts in the receptionist position; however, after only two weeks, she was moved to our send-away department as our send-away clerk. She had experience in her previous employments of working with people, working unsupervised, was able to type 80 WPM, and was able to learn the job quickly. In 2016, the position of billing specialist opened, and Johnelle was moved to that position immediately, as she had performed her other responsibilities with attention to detail and proficiency. We are extremely pleased that she has remained in that position.

Johnelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), and previously earned her associate degree from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. A native Floridian, she moved back to Miami and worked a variety of jobs before coming to work for us. She is presently studying to earn her Master of Arts in technical communication through an online program from Minnesota State University (Mankato, MN).

This past year, Johnelle completed her internship program with us as our marketing administrator. In this capacity, she was able to write several articles for our website, and more importantly, she created our blog. She has revamped our website and collaborated with Nancy, our vice president, to create new brochures. Johnelle has created several infographics and has designed a promotional program to expand our business. She actively promotes our business on Facebook and LinkedIn. Johnelle has done such an exceptional job at this task that we made her the marketing & communications director after her internship. She works hard at keeping up with her daily tasks as billing specialist and now has added marketing creativity to her daily workload.  She is most interested in writing as a form of communication and reaching out to people via written word.

In her spare time, she enjoys physical activity, especially boxing for fitness purposes. She is interested in learning and practicing good health habits, such as eating healthy and exploring different avenues of wellness in general. Johnelle is also very knowledgeable in catering for events such as weddings, parties, and special occasions. She has also been involved in Design Miami, the sister fair to the annual Art Basel event.

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