Jaymie Bulcourf/Send-Away Supervisor

Jaymie Bulcourf began working at Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. in May 2015, as our receptionist. She came to us highly recommended from a legal assistant who had worked with her in a law firm as a receptionist. Jaymie quickly proved to us that she was able to handle more than what the receptionist position was about. Her ability to learn quickly and pay attention to details made her a perfect candidate for our send-away department. Jaymie has successfully worked in this department, sending out service of process to all parts of Florida and the rest of the United States, over the last few years.

She has now moved into a supervisor role, overseeing another send-away clerk. She has also taken on the role of billing the send-away papers, while still assisting and fielding questions regarding this department. Jaymie has never met a stranger, and her friendliness and firmness in getting the job done has earned her the respect of other process-serving managers throughout the country. Jaymie continues to grow in this department, and her title of Send-Away Supervisor is one that she has worked very hard to earn.

e-mail: sabilling@proprocessservers.com

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