Hector Reyes/Runner

Hector Reyes began working for Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc. in February 2016. He works as our runner and does an exceptional job. Having a background of being a superintendent in a luxury high-rise in New York City, he developed many people skills. Hector is respectful, kind, generous and funny, and everyone he meets loves him immediately. The law firms Hector goes to both daily and occasionally have developed a friendship with him because he is such a warm and giving person. The same goes for all the clerks at the various courthouses he frequents to perform his duties as a runner for our company. Hector embodies the word “professional” and is a true representative of our company.¬†In addition to his runner position, Hector often jumps in and helps whenever we have a maintenance problem in our office.

We are so blessed to have Hector as a part of our Professional family. He is originally from the Dominican Republic; therefore, he is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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