Service on Private Mailboxes

  We serve private mailboxes on a regular basis. These include places like The UPS Store, Pak-N-Ship locations, etc. However, these are only done in special cases for individuals and corporations. This is based on Florida Statute 48.031.   Transcript: The state has some rules and some changes, which I also want to tell youContinue reading “Service on Private Mailboxes”

Investigative Services we Offer: Surveillance

One of our most common investigative services we provide is surveillance. There are a slew of reasons someone would want or need a surveillance done, whether for personal reasons or for reasons related to corporate matters. With their level of training and access to certain databases and tools, private investigators are able to glean informationContinue reading “Investigative Services we Offer: Surveillance”

Effective PIs know how to maneuver.

Not everything can be taught. Either you have it or you don’t. That’s the way it goes, sometimes. As far as private investigators are concerned, they have to possess a certain set of skills that allows them to get the job done without blowing their cover. They know how to approach certain situations and knowContinue reading “Effective PIs know how to maneuver.”

Investigative Services we Offer

Although the bulk of our work comes from clients wanting documents served, we also conduct investigations and carry out the investigative services mentioned in this graphic, on a regular basis. People who request these services may include attorneys doing work for insurance companies and insurance companies themselves, for instance, when accidents happen. Investigations can rangeContinue reading “Investigative Services we Offer”

25 Years in Business

It is an honor to say we’ve come this far. But, more importantly, the only reason we are here is because of YOU. So, first things first, we want to simply say, “Thank you,” for your business and for trusting us to carry out your service of process and investigative needs. During these 25 years,Continue reading “25 Years in Business”

We’re here to please you.

You, the client, are our number one priority. Therefore, we always want to complete service, and we always try our best to get this done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.   Transcript:  If we don’t get the guy, then we have to face you. You have to understand that it’s an embarrassment forContinue reading “We’re here to please you.”

Keep the PI in the loop.

Surveillance is a key aspect of private investigation work. Clients may request surveillance when they know their target subject will be difficult to capture through traditional methods of service of process alone. Or they may want to gain more insight on an individual or a location. At the end of the day, the client wantsContinue reading “Keep the PI in the loop.”

Electronic Statuses

Here, Bob gives a little insight to our Web Package system we offer. Aside from this Web Package system our clients have access to 24/7, they also receive electronic statuses from us as soon as they are entered into our database. Each time our servers make an attempt on a paper, they provide this toContinue reading “Electronic Statuses”

Service in a Courtroom

Service in a courtroom is usually only condoned in certain circumstances, and, of course, the rules of service of process vary by state. In this opinion piece shared by Mark Shapiro, we see that service while court is in session is frowned upon. And this is understandable for common sense reasons, such as disruption. However,Continue reading “Service in a Courtroom”