About (DRAFT)

The world of service of process and investigations is one that is not only painstaking, but it is one that is key when it comes to legal matters.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an inside look of the legalities of this field and to inform others about what process servers and investigators do and why they do what they do. We would also like to portray how we handle matters in the field and outside of the field, in our community.

At Professional Process Servers & Investigators, Inc., we take pride in doing our job thoroughly, abiding by Florida law and statutes. We are a full-scale service of process company and a private investigative agency. We provide services to the entire state of Florida and to the rest of the nation, and our reputation holds us to providing high-quality professional service to all our clients.

The client’s needs are always at the center of our focus.

The courtroom serves as a powerhouse for cases upon cases on a daily basis. These cases, whether they are civil or criminal, all require thoroughness, from the lawyer statements and presentations of evidence to the witness accounts and testimonies from both parties to the discussions among the jury panel to the final ruling by the judge. No matter how big or small the case is in terms of the weight of the final judgment or how intricate it may be, service of process is always needed. To go a step further, some level of investigation is also usually required.

Therefore, process servers have a meticulous duty to serve papers correctly, and private investigators have an even more intricate goal of obtaining information through various means. Either way, both parties perform essential tasks in the legal realm and are respected officers of the court.