Service on Private Mailboxes


We serve private mailboxes on a regular basis. These include places like The UPS Store, Pak-N-Ship locations, etc. However, these are only done in special cases for individuals and corporations.

This is based on Florida Statute 48.031.



The state has some rules and some changes, which I also want to tell you about, that came about in 2004. We were having so many problems in serving corporations, where they were hiding behind a mailbox facility, a Pak-N-Ship, one of those places, using a suite number with an actual box number, where we couldn’t get to serve them because they were hidden. There was no place for their home address. 

The legislature then amended the statute to allow us, if the individual/corporation uses a private mailbox facility as their place of business, and you can determine that they still maintain a mailbox there, you can serve the attendant, which then stopped all of that nonsense and craziness. 

The other statute is that if the only address discoverable through public record is a private mailbox, and you can determine that the person is still there, if it’s a private individual, yes, you can now serve the mailbox attendant as well.

…but you have to make sure that he still maintains a box there. That’s part of the statute. So, what we normally do is, we’ll walk in, we see it’s a mailbox. The first thing we ask before we can even tell them who we are, “I have a delivery for XYZ Corporation. Do they still maintain box 214?”

“Yes, they do.”


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