Investigative Services we Offer: Surveillance

One of our most common investigative services we provide is surveillance.

There are a slew of reasons someone would want or need a surveillance done, whether for personal reasons or for reasons related to corporate matters. With their level of training and access to certain databases and tools, private investigators are able to glean information that cannot be found through common searches. When performing surveillance, for instance, they go beyond researching and become physically involved, carrying out actions such as capturing photo and video and staking out at a location for hours on end.

At our company, we don’t usually take on personal matters when it comes to surveillance. If you suspect your wife is cheating on you and you want someone to follow her sneaking around with other men, we aren’t the people you want to contact. Our clients are usually attorneys and insurance companies and professionals.

As an example of the types of cases we see, someone may be claiming an injury, and they may wrongfully claim this injury, in the hopes of gaining some sort of compensation, usually money. This injury may be from a car accident or may be the driving force behind a workers compensation case.

Regardless of the situation, if you need surveillance work done, be sure to hire a professional investigator. We are always ready to fulfill your investigative requests.

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